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This article is the first in a series I am planning which will feature some of the beautiful porcelain and glass exhibits I had the great pleasure to see during a recent visit to the UK.  As articles are updated every few weeks, I will transfer information and photos to a dedicated linked page, collating details about the pieces featured and where they can be seen in London.

Sevres Ink Stand from the Wallace Collection
To begin the series I have chosen a stunning Sèvres porcelain inkstand. The inkstand was a gift from Louis XV of France to his daughter Marie-Adelaide and was made in 1758-59 by Sèvres.

The set consists of two globes, one terrestrial and the other celestial, a central crown and pens would have been laid on the undulating tray.  The terrestrial globe (on the right) held the ink well.  The celestial globe (on the left) held the sand shaker used for drying ink on the page.  The little pierced star shapes in the celestial orb would twinkle when candlelight reflected from the internally gilded surface.  Under the central crown was a bell which sat on a piece of sponge used to wipe pen nibs.display case at the Wallace Collection Museum

The piece is grounded in green (a green china painters would today call Sèvres Green) and painted with cherubs.  The medallion on the front featured the silhouette head of King Louis XV.


This unusual and beautiful piece was acquired in 1843  by the family who later bequeathed The Wallace Collection to the British state in 1897. 

The Wallace Collection Museum offers free entry to the public and is located at Hertford House, Manchester Square in London.  The extensive collection houses art in many forms, painting, sculpture, porcelain, glass, furniture, clocks, armour, early weaponry and much more.  For more information visit their website at:


shown above: Sèvres ink stand and a display

case at the Wallace Collection Museum



Advent Calendar by Penny MuellerThe Guild’s most recent exhibition was opened on 1st November by Mr Sam Walsh, Chair of the Australian Council for the Arts. The venue was the gallery at Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, in East Victoria Park. Porcelain on display featured modern and some traditional styles.

display of porcelain

Among the more innovative work was an Advent Calendar by Penny Mueller which was constructed with wood to create 24 individual cells each holding a beautifully painted glass ornament painted with a festive theme (see photographs). Each cell had its own removable door.


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Another highly original piece was a tile painted by Dee Credaro featuring a ‘wizard looking boy’ mounted on a very original background of aged newsprint.


A wide variety of subject matter was on display with something for all tastes! The Victoria Park Centre for the Arts is located at 12 Kent Street, East Victoria Park.

CHINA PAINTING FROM THE 1880s - TALK BY DR DOROTHY ERICKSONDonkey Orchid vase by Lottie Lapsley

The Royal Western Australian Historical Society (Inc.) hosted a fund-raising talk presented by Dr Dorothy Erickson on 30th August at Stirling House, 49 Broadway, Nedlands. The talk, titled 'Dear Emily and the Angels in Western Australia', covers china painting in WA from 1880s to the present day. Many iconic teachers such as May Creeth, Flora Landells, Lottie Lapsley, Amy Lakides and more were showcased.


Dr Erickson was the recipient of the Heritage Council of WA's Heritage Award in 2017 for her contribution to WA Art.


shown above: Donkey Orchid Vase by Lottie Lapsley

NIKULINSKY NATURALLY ExhibitionMistletoe Bird 2014 by Philippa Nikulinsky

Philippa Nikulinsky AM is a Perth-based, internationally recognised botanical and wildlife artist and is the patron of the WA Guild of China Painters. I recently had the great pleasure to visit Philippa's latest exhibition, Nikulinsky Naturally held at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery at the University of Western Australia.


There were many stunning works on display. One fascinating collection was a study of 22 paintings illustrating the complete life cycle of the Banksia. There were drawings of forests and bush scenes beautifully displayed on extended rolls of Kozo paper. Also, creating a wonderfully exciting visual impact, was the work 'Budgerigars coming to drink at Desert Waterhole' a 100x590cm collage with paint.


shown above: Mistletoe Bird, 2014, by Philippa Nikulinsky



Guild InvitationThe West Australian Guild of China Painters held its 2019 annual exhibition on the weekend of 4th and 5th May, the venue once again was the historic Guildford Town Hall in Guildford just north of Perth. The theme of the exhibition was ‘Aspects’.


Visitors were treated to a beautiful display of hand painted porcelain of both traditional and modern designs. In addition to the main display there was a special exhibit of vintage porcelain pieces, almost all painted by Guild members, which were also available for sale.


Vase by Brenda Caelli

Members were invited to paint a collection of up to seven items for display and judging, interpreting the 2019 theme 'Aspects'.


Congratulations to the 2019 award recipients shown below.

1st prize Christine Munro for 'Visual V Complexity'

2nd prize Heather Tailor for 'Aspects of Dark and Light'

3rd prize Brenda Caelli for 'Give me a Home Among the Gum Leaves'

Highly Commended Dee Credaro for 'Horse Tales'

Best First Time Exhibitor Award went to Danka ScholtzVon Lorenz for her collection titled 'Off the Beaten Track'

President's Choice Award for 2019 went to Pam Kid for her collection titled 'Nuances of Peonies'

The Old Tree painted by Gloria Paxman


Shown is an outstanding piece painted by Gloria Paxman titled 'The Old Tree'. It depicts an intricate twisting tree created using various texture and techniques which sits upon a background of variegated coloured, striped, lustres. The image does not show the full beauty of this piece!

link to additional information page

If you would like more information about the WA Guild of China Painters or to see further articles about this exhibition visit the Guild's website


Gum-nut vase by Brenda Caelli
'The Old Tree' by Gloria Paxman



Betty S painting wildflower boxes

The Albany Porcelain Art Workshop was held from Monday 18th and Wednesday 20th March this year in Albany. The City of Albany is a main regional centre situated on a picturesque harbour on the south coast of Western Australia.

Three classes ran concurrently and the teachers were Perth artist and tutor Judith Standing painting 'Irises', Trixie Emery now based in South Australia returning this year to paint 'Tigers' and myself developing and painting 'Wildflower Designs for Boxes'.

Sturt Desert Pea miniature box painted by Anne BlakeI would like to congratulate the Albany Regional Porcelain Art Group's President Brenda Caelli and the Committee for another very well organised and successful event. The workshop is enjoyed by both rural and city painters and is a warm, friendly event where students can indulge their love of china painting.




Information about the 2020 workshop will be posted on this website when available, usually toward the end of the year. This unique event in the West Australian china painting calendar is definitely one worth considering.


shown top: Betty painting wildflowers
right: Sturt Desert Pea box by Anne Blake



Talented artist Penny Mueller was guest demonstrator at the WA Guild of China Painters' meeting in April 2019. Penny demonstrated 'Life on a Small Scale - painting miniatures'.


In recent years Penny has painted some remarkable miniature exhibits, including a fully furnished dolls house and a series of miniature display cases filled with various objects. See photo (note the magnifying glass which gives the exhibits some scale). Penny shared various techniques for achieving these intricate pieces to a very appreciative audience.





Essie Stokes celebrating her 100th Birthday
At the April meeting of the West Australian Guild of China Painters a special presentation was made to Life Member Essie Stokes who was celebrating her 100th birthday. A beautiful birthday cake and bouquet of pink roses was presented while all her fellow members sang happy birthday and wished their dear friend well.


Essie has been an active member and great supporter of the Guild since 1982. She is a past President and was honoured with Life membership in 2001.


Congratulations Essie and very best wishes from all your friends at the Guild!






Porcelain dish - parrotMinna GeorgeAt the August 2018 meeting of the WA Guild of China Painters, local collector Minna George displayed an array of beautiful porcelain from her own collection and gave a fascinating talk about WA porcelain painting and artists.

Much of the porcelain on display dated back to the first half of the 20th Century with one piece dated 1911.  The collection heavily featured local wildflowers, but also examples of West Australian birds plus a variety of other subjects. 

Display of porcelainSome of the more well-known artists represented in the collection included work from the Creeth sisters who established an art studio on St George’s Terrace, Perth at the beginning of the 1900s; the Guild’s foundation patroness, Flora Landells and the Guild’s foundation president, Amy Lakides.

Porcelain featuring WA wildflowers are much loved and sought after and Minna gave Guild members an opportunity to view some beautiful examples by artists spanning over a hundred years!



The West Australian Guild of China Painters celebrated its golden jubilee year in 2014.  To mark this very special occasion Kaye MacLean and I wrote a history of china painting in Western Australia and more specifically the foundation and history of the Guild through to the present day.

Hon Richard Court AC


The finished book, which took several years to research and write, was launched by the Hon Richard Court AC at a special reunion function for past and present Guild members and special guests held on the 2nd May, 2014 at Guildford.

image shown: former State Premier, Hon Richard Court AC at the launch of "Golden Reflections- A Celebration of 50 Years" on 2nd May, 2014 at the Guildford Town Hall.

Download book order form (pdf reader required).

Copies of the book are still available for purchase. For more information contact me or visit the WA Guild of China Painters' website at .

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