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ALBANY PORCELAIN ART WORKSHOP 2018butterfly silhouette

The Albany Porcelain Art Workshop was held in April this year at the clubhouse of the Albany Veteran Car Club on the outskirts of Albany on the south coast of Western Australia.

Taking place between Monday 9th and Wednesday 11th April, three classes ran concurrently. The teachers were Perth artist and teacher Judith Standing painting 'Different Ways with Clematis'; Trixie Emery now based in South Australia returning this year to paint 'Birds in a Different and Colourful Background' and myself painting 'Silhouettes with Gold Highlights'.

Anne with three of her students from the same generationof the same family!

President Brenda Caelli and all the Albany Regional Porcelain Art Group Committee are to be congratulated for yet another extremely successful workshop. The workshop enjoyed by both rural and city painters, is always a warm, friendly event where all can indulge the love of the art. I was particularly privileged to teach three generations of the same family in my class - Dorothy, Carol and Zakery, all doing a great job with their projects! 




If you would like to attend a future workshop watch this site for details about the 2019 workshop which should be released towards the end of the year. This unique event in the West Australian china painting calendar is definitely one worth attending.


shown at left: Zakery, Dorothy, Carol and Anne
above right: Butterfly Silhouette plate by Anne Blake

SCULPTURE BY THE SEA EXHIBITIONdetail from the sculpture 'Swirling Surround' by B jane Cowie


I recently had the opportunity to visit the Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in Cottesloe. Although a very hot afternoon it was a wonderful opportunity to see a wide selection of art from a diverse group of artists and of course in beautiful surroundings.


Information about the artists and some excellent photographs can be seen by visiting


Shown at right is a detail from a sculpture by B. Jane Cowie of Singapore called 'Swirling Surround'. I loved the colour and light through this piece. This was however just one of many imaginative exhibits employing a huge variety of different media.




After eight years at the current location the WA Guild of China Painters has moved its meetings to new premises. From February 2018 all Guild general and committee meetings will be held at the Melkite Catholic Church hall at 165-167 Central Avenue, Mt Lawley. For more information about meetings visit the Guild's website




The West Australian Guild of China Painters has announced details of its 2018 annual exhibition.


To be held on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th May, the venue will once again be the historic Guildford Town Hall in Guildford just north of Perth. The theme for the exhibition is ‘A Brush with Colour’. Download copy of the invitation (acrobat reader required).


To obtain further information about the exhibition or the WA Guild of China Painters visit their website



Donkey Orchid Vase by Lottie Lapsley

Grevillea Plate by Helen Creeth The Botanical Wonderland was held at the State Library of WA during August and September this year. It explored the interpretation of WA's unique flora by local artists.


China Painting, photography, embroidery, painting and other media were represented. China painting exhibits included pieces from early painters such at the Creeth sisters, Flora Seaweed woven hat by Hallie StowLandells and Kitty Drok. Several pieces on display were from the the late John Thomson collection.


One fascinating exhibit was a hat woven by Hallie Stow from Rottnest Island seaweed and decorated with shells and frayed rope.



Shown above: Donkey Orchid Vase by Lottie Lapsley
Grevillea Plate by Helen Creeth

Seaweed woven hat by Hallie Stow



dish by Penny Mueller

The West Australian Guild of China Painters, Australia's oldest china painting association, held its annual exhibition and sale of work in May at the historic Guildford Town Hall in Guildford just north of Perth. The theme for the exhibition was ‘Imagine’. Several hundred pieces of hand painted porcelain featuring both traditional and modern designs were on display.

Plaque with glass detailing by Penny Mueller

Members were invited to paint a collection of up to seven pieces for display and judging featuring the exhibition's theme 'Imagine'.


Congratulations to the 2017 award recipients shown below.

1st Prize: Lucy Bertilone for 'Opus 1'
2nd Prize: Christine Munro for 'Whereabouts'
3rd Prize: Heather Tailor for 'Jewels of the Night'

Highly Commended: Penny Mueller for her collection 'Imagine Being 600 Years Out of Date'

link to additional information page

Wildflower mugs painted by Anne Blake

Best First Time Exhibitor Award went to Lyn Sherwood for her collection titled 'Imagine Afternoon Tea with a Special Person'.

President's Choice Award went to Barbara Getty for her pillow vase 'Dragonfly Explosion'.

To obtain more information about the WA Guild of China Painters or to see further articles about this exhibition visit the Guild's website

images shown:'Country' dish by Penny Mueller
'Town' glass on tile painted by Penny Mueller
Wildflower mug set by Anne Blake

white leschenaultias on blue vase by Anne Blake‘THE ALLURE OF WILDFLOWERS'
April Demonstration & Talk

I was invited to be guest speaker at the April meeting of the WA Guild of China Painters. The subject of my talk and demonstration was 'The Allure of Wildflowers'.

The demonstration covered the history of painting flowers on porcelain, but special attention was given to our WA wildflowers. With a huge variety of wildflowers in Western Australia we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to colour, shape and size. The subject matter remains extremely popular with both artists and porcelain collectors.

Various painting techniques were explored during the demonstration that could be incorporated to produce both a traditional and a contemporary look.

Astor Cruise Ship'ART ON PORCELAIN'

Musicians Vase by Sandra BernaitisOver 7 days in February the WA Branch of the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers Association hosted the organisation's national biennial exhibition and convention. The organisers adopted an innovative concept for the 2017 event, holding the exhibition aboard the cruise ship Astor.

In mid-February the Astor departed Fremantle bound for Esperance on the south coast, together with many enthusiastic china painters. A reported 60 or more APAT members had contributed to the porcelain display aboard the ship which was viewed by many guests including both those who sailed with the ship and others who boarded as day guests when the Astor berthed in Esperance, Albany and Bunbury on the return journey.


Possum Tile by Brenda Caelli

The featured guest artists were well known Swiss artists Peter Faust and Clotilde Ruegg. Peter has visited Australia on many previous occasions and his art and techniques are eagerly anticipated by his many followers here. Clotilde Ruegg's work swept to prominence with the release in of her stunning book Myths and Realities, co-authored with Tatiana Lavescot of Geneva and her work continues to be much celebrated and admired. In addition to the guest artists, ten other APAT teachers gave demonstrations and talks covering a wide variety of topics.

Tile by Peter Faust

The porcelain exhibition was reported to be of a very high standard, featuring many techniques and styles. Displays of jewellery and porcelain eggs were also special features of the exhibition.


Congratulations to APAT's President Audrey Rayner, Vice President Connie Risbey and all the contributing members for running a very successful, innovative and well organised event.


To read more and see additional photos follow this link to the WA Guild of China Painters' website.


images shown: Musicians Vase by Sandra Bernaitis;
Possum Tile by Brenda Caelli; Tile by Peter Faust;
(photographs © 2017 Christine Munro)

Cats at Play box by Anne BlakeCENTRAL PARK, PERTH

For two weeks in early August, 2016 the WA Guild of China Painters held an exhibition in the foyer of the Central Park Building in the Perth CBD. Work featured outstanding examples of modern porcelain painting as well as several historical pieces from the Guild’s ’Collectables’.

exhibition display

Many subjects and styles were represented with work from over twenty individual artists on show. Guest artists gave daily painting demonstrations and many questions were answered from interested members of the public who wished to learn more about the art.

group image

link to additional information and photos

images shown:

exhibition displays & cat box by Anne Blake.
group photo: (L to R) Judith Standing, Anne Blake demonstrating, Irena Kopec President of the WA Guild of China Painters and Christine Munro. (group photo courtesy K. MacLean)

Congratulations to the event organisers for a wonderful display.


The West Australian Guild of China Painters celebrated its golden jubilee year in 2014.  To mark this very special occasion Kaye MacLean and I wrote a history of china painting in Western Australia and more specifically the foundation and history of the Guild through to the present day.

Hon Richard Court AC


The finished book, which took several years to research and write, was launched by the Hon Richard Court AC at a special reunion function for past and present Guild members and special guests held on the 2nd May, 2014 at Guildford.

image shown: former State Premier, Hon Richard Court AC at the launch of "Golden Reflections- A Celebration of 50 Years" on 2nd May, 2014 at the Guildford Town Hall.

Download book order form (pdf reader required).

Copies of the book are still available for purchase. For more information contact me or visit the WA Guild of China Painters' website at .

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