This page features work by some very talented Australian china painters.


An active community of porcelain artists exist in Perth and regional Western Australia, shown are some of my favourites pieces.



Raventhorpe Artist Brenda CaelliBRENDA CAELLI

Brenda is an artist based in Albany on the south coast of Western Australia. Her paintings of local flora and fauna are regular prize winners at porcelain exhibitions.


Shown below is a first-prize winning collection titled 'The Golden Ears' which displays her innovative subject matter and designs....


collection painted by Brenda Caelli





pieces painted by Brenda Henderson


Brenda produces some wonderfully different work - from intricate design to her distinctive masks. Shown above sculpted boab nuts, bowl, tiles and masks.


Brenda is a Perth based artist and member of the Porcelain Artists of WA group.






Heather is an internationally recognized author, teacher and artist. Her knowledge and expertise with lustres is second to none.

vases & box by Heather Tailor

Moth designs by Heather Tailor


Heather can be contacted through the Porcelain Artists of WA Facebook page.







Tile by Gloria Paxman

Plate by Gloria PaxmanShown are two pieces by Perth based artist Gloria Paxman. Titled 'The Old Tree' the tile shown above depicts an intricately twisting tree created using various texture and techniques which sit upon a background of striped, coloured lustre. This beautiful piece was one of the best exhibits at the 2019 WA Guild of China Painters exhibition. The piece shown at right is from the Guild's 'Collectables' and celebrates the Broome WA Shinju Matsuri festival.




Wall Plaque by Penny Mueller

Shown are two pieces by Penny. Above a delightful wall plaque titled 'Town.' The town buildings are created from intricately hand painted glass pieces. The second piece, below, is a dish painted with bolts of cloth. Two beautifully painted pieces by this innovative artist!


Dish painted by Penny Mueller - bolts of cloth



Painting and porcelain by Trixie Emery


Now based in South Australia, Trixie Emery is a frequent visitor to Western Australia where she has many friends and shares her considerable knowledge, via workshops, with other painters.





If you wish to contact any of the artists featured on this page, contact me quoting the artist's name and I will forward the message


All Photographs © A Blake


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