Recently completed works by Anne......


17cm high porcelain vase
Designed using grounding techniques, mother-of-pearl lustre, raised paste, dicroic glass and burnishing gold
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Black on White Orchid plate by Anne Blake 'Black on White Spider Orchids'
26cm round plate
Main design grounded with various black finishes and texture. Detailing with liquid bright gold.

piece designed for APAT Convention in October
Peek-a-Boo Possum plate painted by Anne Blake

26cm porcelain plate
Possum painted traditionally. Background finished with penwork and burnished gold

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Under the Jetty painted by Anne Blake
'Under the Jetty'
27cm porcelain plate
Fish painted traditionally. Background finished with layered lustres. Texture finishes used for reef area; plate edge finished with gold.
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Harlequin Wildflower mug set painted by Anne Blake
'Harlequin Wildflower Mugs'

Set of four hand painted, bone china mugs each featuring a different wildflower.
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Framed tile - Blue Leschenaultia by Anne Blake

Blue Leschenaultia

15cm porcelain tile - framed
Flowers painted traditionally. Finished with white, wooden frame.
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Motor-Bike Frog - plate by Anne Blake
Motor-Bike Frog & Kangaroo Paw

Plate Oval 25x17.5cm
Frog & flower painted traditionally. Finished with grounding and lustre.
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'' Around the Reef' Plate by Anne Blake
'Around the Reef'

25.5x17cm oblong porcelain plate
Fish painted traditionally; background finished with layered lustres; various texture finishes usd on reef area; finished with gold.
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featured piece


'Inspired by Country'

30cm round porcelain plate
Featuring the flora and fauna of Western Australia, from the Kimberley, the Pilbara region, down to the lands of the Great Southern.

Inspired by Land plate by Anne Blake

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Other Painting by subject


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No. of Pieces
Animals and Fauna 10
Architecture or Scenes 9
Flowers & Fruit (Non-native) 11
Reef Fish and Ocean Scenes 12
Wildflowers 14
Other 4





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