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Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers Association-WA. A not-for-profit group established in 1967 to support teachers of porcelain painting in Western Australia. Affiliate membership is available for non-teachng porcelain artists. Site contains news page, tutorials, calendar of events and contact details.

APAT National Convention Link

Website for the Australasian Porcelain Art Teachers Association's 2024 National Convention. The website is exclusively dedicated to the 2024 Australasian Porcelain Art Convention and Exhibition titled 'Fired Up - Porcelain Art Today' with latest news and contact information.

link to Trinity School For Seniors website

Trinity School for Seniors - Perth

The Trinity School for Seniors is a school for people over the age of 60. The school motto is 'Companionship Through Learning'. Offers over 70 different courses across four terms per annum including a porcelain painting art class. Classes are held in Perth city in central locations.

Interdec Link

Interdec Australia shop and mail order supplier selling highly recommended Fay/Debbie Good product range plus white porcelain and other china painting supplies.

Website link to artist Debbi Good

Debbi Good website of South Australian artist and teacher. Showcases work by the artist with links to her range of china painting supplies.


Porcelain Artists of Western Australia
(Formerly The WA Guild of China Painters) The Guild's original website was closed down but PAWA do maintain a page on Facebook.

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