Artisans have been decorating porcelain for centuries.


Pigments, various texture products, lustres and precious metals can be applied to plain white porcelain, the china painter's canvas, to complete a design. After each application of paint etc. the piece is kiln fired at up to 850°C. At this temperature the glaze melts sufficiently to absorb the paint leaving pieces that are both durable and permanent.


Kiln-fired painting produces enduring works of art ready to become the collectables of tomorrow.


Redback Spider Vase by Anne Blake
This website aims to provide china painters, particularly those from Western Australia, with current news, events and topics of interest to china painters and those who just appreciate the art .

Galleries featuring flora, fauna, fish, exotic and native flowers and scenes designs can be accessed through the Main Gallery page.


Cruising the Reef Plate by Anne BlakeWildflower Mug set by Anne Blake

Shown above examples from

Reef Fish & Ocean Scene Gallery (left)
and Wildflower Gallery (right).


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New Workshop
The WA Guild of China Painters is holding a workshop in August 2017.


Botanical Wonderland Exhibition

Exhibition opening in August of WA wildflowers in art including china painting exhibits.


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05 August WA Guild of China Painters meeting
10 August Botanical Wonderland Exhibition
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