Artisans have been decorating porcelain for centuries.


To complete a design pigments, texture products, lustres and various precious metals can be applied to white porcelain, the china painter's canvas. After each application the piece is kiln fired at up to 850°C. At this temperature the glaze melts sufficiently to absorb the paint leaving pieces that are both durable and permanent.


Kiln-fired china painting produces enduring works ready to become the collectable art of tomorrow.

  • Harlequin Wildflower Mug Set Harlequin Wildflower Mug Set Set of 4 Wildflower Mugs
  • Emu Plate Emu Plate Square Plate with various technique
  • Redback Spider Vase Redback Spider Vase small vase painted using various techniques
  • Blue Forget-me-Nots Blue Forget-me-Nots small Dresden style milk jug
  • WA Reef Fish WA Reef Fish Reef fish of WA finished with various techniques
  • Seashells Seashells Penwork & lustre finish
  • Arum Lilies on Black Arum Lilies on Black 32cm Plate finished with lustre and gold
  • 'Time Movements' 'Time Movements' box from the 'Time' Collection
  • Sturt Desert Peas Sturt Desert Peas Art Deco design
  • White on Blue White on Blue White Leschenaultias on a Blue Vase
  • Frilled Neck Lizard Frilled Neck Lizard Finished with various techniques

The aim of this website is to provide current news, events and topics of interest for china painters and all who appreciate the art, especially painters from the Western Australia region.

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The first in a series of articles featuring outstanding porcelain and glass pieces from London Galleries and Museums. The articles describe exhibits I had the pleasure to see during a recent visit to the UK. See news page article...

Article about 'Nikulinsky Naturally' exhibition, held at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, University of WA. read article...


Updated Guest Artist page featuring porcelain art by talented Australian porcelain painters. Visit Guest Artists page...



WA Guild of China Painters 'All Fired Up' Exhibition
The WAGCP held its latest exhibition at the Victoria Park Centre for the Arts in East Victoria Park, during November. For more information and photos read news page article with link to special exhibition page..


2019 Albany Porcelain Art Workshop
The 2019 Albany Porcelain Art Workshop was held in March. This very successful workshop offers three days of painting with a choice of subject & teaches. read news article..


For other news and events visit the News Page...


7 Dec WA Guild of China Painters
Christmas Meeting 1:30pm
Festive afternoon tea
For details visit Calendar and Events Page


Shown below - a Sèvres porcelain inkstand featured in the first of a series of articles about beautiful early porcelain pieces I had the great pleasure to see while in the UK.


The inkstand, a gift from Louis XV of France to his daughter Marie-Adelaide, was made in 1758-59 by Sèvres . View larger image and read article......

Sevres Ink Stand