Anne BReef Fish Plate by Anne Blakelake Porcelain Painting & China Painting


Artisans have been painting porcelain for many centuries.

Paint, gold, other precious metals, lustres, and various textures can all be applied to plain white porcelain ~ the china painter's canvas.  After each application the piece is kiln fired to around 800°C (1475°F).  At this temperature the glaze melts sufficiently to absorb the paint leaving artwork that is both durable and permanent.   Individual pieces can require up to six to eight firings to achieve the desired result.


The process used by China Painters produces enduring works of art ready to become the antiques of tomorrow.


In addition to showcasing the porcelain painting of Anne Blake, this website aims to provide china painters, particularly West Australian china painters with current news and events and a list of useful links.
Redback Spider Vase by Anne Blake


The Main Gallery links to a series of sub galleries featuring various styles of china painting by Anne and guest artists, plus photography from recent outback trips. Recently added items

For current news please visit the NEWS PAGE.  For information on upcoming events visit the CALENDAR PAGE.

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