New Museum of Western Australia -

Boola Bardip opened in November, 2020


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"The State’s unique cultural and scientific collections will come alive with innovative new exhibitions. It will explore subjects such as the formation of the Universe, WA’s latest inventions, extinct dinosaurs, newly discovered species, our local communities and our greater role in the world."

To read more visit the WA Museum 'Boola Bardip website at museum.


porcelain display at new museum


I was excited to make my first visit to the new museum recently and can report that the new building is breathtakingly stunning! The meld of heritage and new is very impressive. The inside is spacious, light, comfortable with surprises around every corner. There is so much to see and experience, I plan to visit again soon.

On the Mezzanine Level in the "Innovations Gallery - Creative minds, amazing ideas" a display of nine hand painted porcelain pieces from local artists are featured, truly heartening to see porcelain art represented in this beautiful new museum. The stunning Gaia Vase by Brenda Henderson; Cockatoo Dreamtime bowl by Marilyn Barrington; Tardigrades bowl by Megan Evans; wonderful work!


Shown above: display case in the Innovations Gallery.
Shown below: photos taken previously of the Gaia Vase by Brenda Henderson, Cockatoo Dreamtime bowl by Marilyn Barrington and Tardigrades lidded bowl by Megan Evans.


On the third level in the Wild Life Gallery are some early works by May Creeth, Lottie Lapsley and Florence Twells. In addition there is a beautiful display of Philippa Nikulinsky's work (in a pull out draw display).


Shown below: Left vase by Lottie Lapsley & right plate by Florence Twells.

Antique porcelain by Lottie Lapsley and Florance Twells

I was slightly disappointed by the level of lighting given to the porcelain displays, they were quite dark and, in my opinion, did not show the exhibits to their full potential. However I would recommend visitors seek out these displays and view the high level of porcelain art produced by local artists, past and present.


Shown below: part of the amazing interior of the new museum


Museum interior

Shown below one of the impressive displays and a Boola Bardip Museum banner.

one of the museum's displaysGallery Banner

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