'ALL FIRED UP' Exhibition

November, 2019


The Guild’s latest exhibition was opened on 1st November by Mr Sam Walsh, Chair of the Australian Council for the Arts. The venue was the gallery at Victoria Park Centre for the Arts, in East Victoria Park. Advent Calendar piece by Penny Mueller


The wide variety of painted porcelain on display featured modern and some traditional subject styles.


Among the more innovative work was an Advent Calendar by Penny Mueller which was constructed with wood to create 24 individual cells which held a beautifully painted glass hanging ornaments with a festive theme (see photograph). Each cell had its own removable door.


detail from Advent Calendar by Penny Mueller

There was a wide variety of subject matter on display with something to appeal to all tastes!


The exhibition continues until the 13th November.

Shown above: Advent Calendar by Penny Mueller
with detail showing glass ornaments

invitation card

Another highly original piece was a tile painted with a ‘Wizard looking boy’ mounted on a very original looking background consisting of aged news print.

shown below: Wizard boy tile by Dee Credaro

Wizard tile by Dee Credaro

Shown below: collection of porcelain from the exhibition.


work on display


Shown below are photographs of various display podiums and a geometric designed tile by Lucy Bertilone.



Porcelain display Porcelain display Tiger plate by Trixie Emery

All photographs are © A Blake 2019 unless otherwise stated

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