18th to 20th March, 2019


Spanish Dancers plate by Anne BlakeThe Albany Regional Porcelain Art Group held it's annual workshop from 18th to 20th March in Albany, Western Australia. Albany City is a main regional centre situated on a picturesque harbour on the south coast of W.A.


The three day workshop was held at the clubrooms of the Veteran Car Club on the outskirts of Albany.


This dedicated group of painters have been providing china painting workshops for over 30 years and this year was the sixth workshop in its present form. Participating students arrange their own accommodation but with so many excellent hotels and B&Bs available in the Albany area, this arrangement has proved popular for those travelling from Perth and regional areas.


Students could select from three classes, which run concurrently over the three days:

Anne Blake painting 'Wildflower Designs for Boxes'.

Trixie Emery painting 'Tigers'.
Judith Standing painting 'Irises'.

Shown: Geraldton Wax box by Anne Blake

Wildflower Designs for Boxes

Cowslip Orchid box by Anne Blake
Students in my class selected a wildflower of their choice and incorporated the flower into a pleasing design to suit the shape and size of their porcelain box. Various products and techniques were considered before finishing the box base and/or border.

Cowslip Orchids by Anne Blake


Tiger Plate by Trixie Emery

Trixie's class chose from a variety of tiger studies. The tigers were painted in a traditional fashion. Pieces were then completed with students choosing from a variety of colourful backgrounds using different techniques demonstrated by Trixie.

Tiger plate by Trixie Emery


Iris Plate by Judith Standing

Judith's class painted irises. Students chose from a variety of beautifully coloured iris studies. The flower with foliage was painted traditionally with some students then finishing their design using demonstrated techniques.


Iris plate by Judith Standing


"Great friendship and camaraderie exists between painters and many old friendships are rekindled..."

shown below: Trish & Chris taking a break and Lucyna painting Blue Leschenaultia.

Students Trish and Chris

Shown below: collection of wildflower boxes painted by Anne Blake

Word by Students in Anne's Class - some firing still required

shown below: Trixie Emery demonstrating to students

Trixie Emery demonstrating to her students

shown below: Tiger Plate painted by Trixie Emery

Trixie Emery demonstrating to her students

Students travelled from both Perth and regional centres of Western Australia to join with Albany painters for the 2019 Albany Porcelain Art Workshop. The great friendship and camaraderie that exists between painters is wonderful to experience and of course many old friendships were rekindled. The workshop was an opportunity to paint, learn and of course enjoy!


Congratulations to the Albany Regional Porcelain Art Group's President, Brenda Caelli and all the Committee for a very well organised and successful event.


shown below from left: Irises by Judith Standing, Blue Leschenaultia Box by Anne Blake and Tiger plate by Trixie Emery.

Irises painted by Judith StandingBlue Leschenaultia box by Anne BlakeTiger plate by Trixie Emery

All photographs are © A Blake 2019 unless otherwise stated

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