9th to 11th April, 2018Spanish Dancers plate by Anne Blake


The Albany Regional Porcelain Art Group held their workshop from 9th to the 11th April this year. The three day workshop was held at the clubrooms of the Veteran Car Club on the outskirts of Albany.


This dedicated art group have been providing china painting workshops for over 30 years and it has become a unique event on the West Australian china painting calendar. Unlike the former Albany Camp participating students arrange their own accommodation and catering but with many excellent hotels and B&Bs available in the Albany area, this arrangement has proved popular.


Students were given the choice of three teachers with classes running concurrently:

Anne Blake painting 'Silhouettes with Gold Highlights'.

Trixie Emery painting 'Birds in a Different & Colourful Background'.
Judith Standing painting 'Different Ways with Clematis'.

Shown: Silhouette Spanish Dancers plate by Anne Blake

Silhouettes with Gold Highlights

Bird plate by Betty
The history of the silhouette was explored before students created their individual designs using a montage technique. The design was dry-grounded with black and various design elements added using gold, white and black raised paste. Various products were considered to finish border areas including lustres and metallic paint colours.

shown: class plate by Betty

Birds in a Different & Colourful Background

Plate by Trixie Emery

Trixie's class chose from a variety of bird subjects which were painted traditionally. The pieces were then completed with students choosing from a variety of colourful backgrounds using various techniques demonstrated by Trixie.

shown left plate by Ruth Robartson

Different Ways with Clematis

Lily Plate by Judith Standing

Judith's class painted the beautiful clematis flower. The flower with foliage was painted in a traditional style. Students then chose from a variety of different styles and techniques to complete their designs.


shown right: plate by Judith Standing


"Great camaraderie exists between the painters and many old friendships were rekindled."

shown below: Erica and Betty painting silhouettes

Erica and Betty painting silhouettes

Shown below: Silhouette plates painted by Erica, Dorothy and Ruth (firing to be completed).

Word by Students in Anne's Class - some firing still required

Shown below: Three generations of the same family, L to R Zakery, Dorothy, and Carol with Anne

Students three generations of the same family - Zakery, Dorothy, Carol and Anne Blake

shown below: Trixie Emery with Norma Everett

Trixie Emery with Norma

Students travelled from both regional WA and Perth to join with Albany painters for the Albany Porcelain Art Workshop. Great camaraderie exists between the painters and many old friendships were rekindled. One delightful occurrence were three generations from one family painting together in my Class - grandmother Dorothy, mother Carol and grandson/son Zakery. The workshop atmosphere was full of friendship and fun as well of course learning.


Congratulations once again to the President, Brenda Caelli and the Committee for a very well organised and successful event.


shown below from left: Eagle plate by Trixie Emery, Water-lilies by Judith Standing and Silhouette Blue Wrens by Anne Blake.

Eagle plate by Trixie EmeryWaterlily plate by Judith StandingSilhouette Blue Wren plate by Anne Blake

All photographs are © A Blake 2018 unless otherwise stated

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