The Guild held its annual exhibition and sale of work on the 6th and 7th May, once again at the delightful, Art Deco Guildford Town Hall near Perth.  A large display of handpainted china was on show painted by Guild members from both city and country areas.

The exhibition theme was “IMAGINE” with a wide variety of styles and subject matter displayed. Members were invited to submit a collection of up to seven pieces with prizes awarded for the best displays. The 2017 winning exhibits are shown below.




1st PRIZE WINNER - Lucy Bertilone

'Opus 1'


Seven exhibits inspired by imagination and classical music.

first prize winner - Lucy Bertilone

2nd PRIZE WINNER - Christine Munro



A collection of six pieces interpreting the theme Imagine from out and about.

2nd Prize Winner - Christine Munro

3rd PRIZE WINNER - Heather Tailor

'Jewels of the Night'


A stunning collection of seven pieces inspired by Moths featuring lustre, relief, penwork and jewel detailing.

3rd Prize Winner - Heather Tailor


'Imagine Being 600 Years Out of Date'


Seven pieces exploring various styles and elements through the ages.

Highly Commended - Penny Mueller


Lyn Sherwood

'Imagine - Afternoon Tea With a Special Person'


A collection of 4 items featuring lustre, pen, work and gold detailing.

Best First Time Exhbitor Award - Lyn Sherwood

Shown below:


2017 President's Choice Award


The 2017 award went to Barbara Getty for her Pillow vase 'Dragonfly Explosion'. The vase featured lustre, relief work and detailing.

President's Choice Award - Barbara Getty

Guild members from both the city and country regions took part with a wide variety of porcelain on show including both traditional and contemporary designs. Also of interest was the Guild's 'Members' Treasures' collection a special display featuring porcelain pieces owned by members and rarely seen in public.

Shown below: 'A Cat Among the Birds' collection by Brenda Caelli.

A Cat Among the Birds collection by Brenda Caelli

shown below: bottle from the Highly Commended collection by Penny Mueller.

bottle from Penny Mueller's collection

Shown below: collection 'Northern Magic' by Dee Credero.

Northern Magic collection by Dee Credero

Shown below: round vase by Heather Tailor from her collection "Jewels of the Night'.

Northern Magic collection by Dee Credero


Vase by Heather Tailor

The Guild has been promoting the art of china painting since 1964 and is Australia's oldest china painting organisation. Its annual exhibition and sale or work is much anticipated by lovers of the art. For more information about the Guild and to see additional photos of exhibits visit their website at www.chinapainterswa.asn.au.

shown: Vase by Heather Tailor

All photographs are © A Blake 2017 unless otherwise stated





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